Hoping for a sequel!!!!! Game Magic Match Game ]. Superb, high definition graphics with cinematic effects. This, my friends, is how you do a match-three puzzle game. Secure Form Forgot your password? As the Chosen One, it is up to you to defeat them in more than unique levels, gaining power ups and unlocking secret levels along the way.

ancient quest of saqqarah

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Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10 A sweet challange to keep you busy for hours. In order to succeed, master seven distinct types of puzzles in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah.

Awesome just doesn’t cut it!

This is an excellent and funny Match Three. PC Also available on Mac. It is really that good.

Download Ancient Quest of Saqqarah for Windows, Mac, iPad or iPhone. Safe & Secure

Descend ancirnt the Egyptian sands to find an oasis of puzzles, treasures, and mysteries in this Match 3 dazzler. During game play, you earn points that enable Shuffle and get the monkey to strike the board to help you out. Now I find myself looking for anything remotely similar to Ancient Quest of Saqqarah!

ancient quest of saqqarah

The puzzles are diverse and clever. You won’t regret it! This game is exceptional. Feel free to click the links and read the full reviews. One piece of advice: This is timed but it isn’t so hard that you’ll run out of time. There are 3 levels of difficulty that you graduate to as you pass all 12 stages within each difficulty level.


Ancient Quest of Saqqarah – Codeminion

If you have any questions or doubts please check the frequently asked questions on the support page. Each goal has three levels stone, silver, and gold. As you do so the Statues of the kf turn into gold.

Free Download for Windows.


Once every thousand years a mysterious eclipse shrouds the ancient pyramid of Saqqarah. The gameplay is exceedingly simple, yet because Saqqarah is such a magnificently presented game, I find myself playing level after level, just needing to finish off that next set of puzzles or just wanting to add that next trophy to my collection.

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ancient quest of saqqarah

Game Club Cafe is Back! Did anyone else fall in love with Anubis? In the stunning Match 3 puzzler Ancient Quest of Saqqarah your mission is to prevent the evil ancient Egyptian god Seth from breaking out of his magically-sealed tomb.

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

Windows 10 compatibility Saqqarah Released for the iPad! Check us out on: SaqPacks SaqPacks are expansion packages for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah that provide an additional set of over levels along with new music, graphics and titles to get.


ancient quest of saqqarah

Over hand-crafted levels. The designers really went above and beyond on this one!

Saqqarah is a vast, deep and beautiful puzzle game set in the wondrous world of ancient Egyptian secrets, powerful gods and magical monkeys. They made it seem like there might be one, but they haven’t made one yet. This flagship outing – an Egyptian-themed puzzler blessed with qiest visuals and varied play styles – blows the doors off previous debuts, raising the bar for the entire genre in the process.

Additional offers may be presented to you when downloading our player. Superb, high definition graphics with cinematic effects.