Send them to support ccsinfo. What I do have is 2 sets of the files – one that I got with the confirmation email I received when I bought the maintenance and another that came on the CD they sent me a few days later I would have thought they would be the same, but they are not – both sets have my name it them and some other numbers – I have not edited them in any way, just compared them. If you typedef the two types, the actual conversion maths can be used ‘as is’. You wanted to use the numbers and understand them. I’ve run into this on 3 different computers in the past. Hi all, I tried declaring an int64 and seems the compiler does not recognize it.

ccs c compiler 4.135

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OK, a bit of follow-up info here. Now look at CCSLoad.

Interrupt on Change PIC16LF1937

Need help BME driver. Tue Apr 09, 5: Yeah, see my edit of the post above – it involved the windows 7 “virtual store” the file it was complaining about was indeed down in the “virtual store”.

ccs c compiler 4.135

Send them to support ccsinfo. Tue Aug 01, 6: CCS C Compilers are the most advanced, highly developed and most widely used compiler in the industry.


CCS sent me a manual added cost and a CD. Tue Mar 15, 3: Prime8 operates in stand-alone mode or when cokpiler to a PC.

I thought I had downloaded several version 5’s before my maintenance ran out, but I guess not latest notification I have before it ran out is 5. Fri Mar 25, 5: CCS IDE C compiler products provide a unique Profiler Tool 4135 track time and usage information for use on functions, code blocks, as well as receiving live data from running programs. So cccs 12 character string, actually needs 22 bytes of ROM to be stored.

They are not the same.

ccs c compiler 4.135

LST file this is the result: CCS is a trusted third-party tool provider. I did do a bunch of searching with Google both here in the forums as well as elsewhere. However if you then perform maths on it, the results will be the results of the unsigned arithmetic, not signed.

I had successfully read and write the BME’s register, The problem is the temperature after calculated is not true it equal about CCS mode is the default, and for some reason, specifying this causes it to go wrong on your version. Fri Apr 05, 6: The files you have with V5, should work for 4. Checksum not the same.

It apparently looks there first so it finds the one you can’t see. Look at section 8. If you include the standard types library stdint. What I find is once I try to add CRG files that it doesn’t like using their popup, f won’t take any others and keeps trying to load those old ones. All times are GMT – 6 Hours.


CCS :: View topic – Checksum not the same

I compiller also tried copying the 3 crg files from the CD they sent me the files had an Aug, date as expected when I purchased the maintenance to the directory with the same results the files on the CD were not exact matches for the ones they sent me, but both sets give the same results.

The checksum and the ID are the same. They update the CRG files required at intervals. But the problem hasn’t been solved yet.

ccs c compiler 4.135

Fri Mar 25, 3: Running on four AA batteries this mobile programmer can go where no PC or laptop could go compilfr. Whenever doing ‘complicated math’, it’s best to display intermediate calculations and do the math yourself to confirm EACH step of the calculations is correct.