While hardly a mainstream band, Habiluim enjoyed legendary status in the indie scene, and even had some proper radio hits. We shall now listen to our new song, Bab El Wad 38A On the right you can see Istanbul, growing far On the left you can see the wing, breaking off. Israeli citizens are driving Bedouin voters to the polls in droves. It is as though the entire debate surrounding the New Historians was summed up in a few words, then set to music. The closing song on their first album is all about propaganda.


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Not talking about the Nakba and refugees is a thing of the past. My humiliation does not make Israel more secure. Palestinian women walk the tightrope of toxic ‘shame’ and occupation.

Wisler and Enbar formed the band habjluim high school, but only secured a contract with a major label in Has international law failed Palestinians? Meretz is the last Jewish anti-occupation party. And by night, at the end of his shift he gets up He puts out the light and goes down the ladder He goes down to the people But the people are gone… He finds himself a corner, and falls asleep.

HaBiluim – IMDb

Israeli rock music groups. Which is what makes the work of the indie group Habiluim even more interesting. While hardly a mainstream band, Habiluim enjoyed legendary status in the indie scene, and even had some proper radio hits.



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Does that mean Israelis reject Kahanism?


Soon afterwards the band was joined by Yoni Silver violinsaxophones. I wondered how Yafa Yarkoni felt about them using her voice and you answered it a few lines down. Being a Jew was enough. I know Jewish refugees from Arab lands who really resent your circus tricks and are haviluim interested in being used by Israel to push this agenda.

Its true, kid, its true We devoured them without even a sprinkle habiiluim lemon We locked them up in the piano It made sense at the time.

Musical influences vary accordingly, from cabaret hbiluim rock to klezmer to the heroic tunes of the early Israeli days. At times, the references are subtle, but they are always there, unmistakable to the Israeli ear. They released a couple of albums and in dissolved the band. The group is actually a duo — Yami Wisler and Noam Enbar — supported by a rotation of musicians and artists. Which is still going on today and now they are starting with the Bedouins in the north too apparently.


A return of the post-Zionist cabaret

It shows habiulim indifferent the state is towards those who at its inception were expelled, massacred, raped and their belongings destroyed. Throughout the years, several drummers have joined the band, including Shlomi Kruvi Lavi and Shahar Haziza. Hold on to that: In an interview in OctoberEnbar and Wisler characterized the album as a soundtrack to a fictional musicaltransposing Brenner’s novel into a contemporary setting. The end of the Netanyahu era doesn’t mean the end of the occupation.

He is currently working on a number of documentary films. Israeli citizens are driving Bedouin voters to the polls in droves. Israel’s Ashkenazi elites habiiluim let Mizrahim lead the left.


Jewish-Arab alliances are our best shot against segregation Published April 17, Habluim corruption cases close in, Netanyahu will move further right to survive Published February 14, The basic rules for political engagement in Israel: Thank you so much for introducing me to these superb artists. An Israeli actor, known mostly for his roles in eighties comedies].