For a connection without SSL: In this case the RUN command just runs the query already in the buffer. Type RUN to execute it. You may need to change ports, hosts, userids or passwords, but they should otherwise work. Once you are connected you can run commands or queries. All of these reports operate on the sample database that comes with DB2, so you can run them right away to see what they do. Better than that, it gave our DBAs a reason to learn more about CLPPlus, and they have now started to exploit some of its other features which are beyond the scope of this article.

ibm db2 clpplus

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CLPPlus commands

There have been several high visibility data exposures in the news over the last year or so. You can execute the It clppljs only 6 minutes, but has lots of ibk information for getting started.

Assuming that our query is still in the buffer you can time the execution and save the query in this example: If your local IBM database sales representative can arrange it, Burt can come to your city and deliver this Proof of Technology to you in person.

ibm db2 clpplus

Ironically it has been the Data Studio side of the picture which has been more difficult to integrate. All of these reports operate on the sample database that comes with DB2, so you can run them right away to see what they do. The script file is named cities. Please feel free to download them as they are a great way to get started with this tool.


Here is a diagram that Burt provided showing what is in each segment: Running DB2 Queries — Part 4. Care should be taken when using this option not to attempt to pipe the output to a file, otherwise the command will appear to hang.

Our starting point for this deployment package had to be a Data Development project from Data Studio. This is available on all DB2 v9. In this article I’m going to describe why I started using CLPPlus and then go through the basics of using the tool, assuming that many readers of this article will also be first time CLPPlus users.

The command completed successfully.

Db2 commands supported by CLPPlus

So far we’ve discussed running commands and queries c,pplus, but it is often useful to be able to run existing queries from the Operating System OS command line or from a script. This is the point where CLPPlus was able to help us …. Regardless of the method you use of getting access to a DB2 v9.

This project is checked into source control, ensuring that the Data Studio project files are available to all users Data Studio has three hidden files which contain the project information called.

It should be noted that when CLPPlus encounters an error on startup it does not give any error messages. For a connection without SSL: Note that the clpplus command within the shell script can also simply be run from a command line. When this feature is enabled, CLPPlus will show you how much time it took to clplus your query. Typical contents of this would be —.


CLPPlus restrictions

Hopefully this short article has piqued igm interest in CLPPlus, albeit by introducing it from a less than typical angle. A frequent use of scripted queries is for reporting.

Here are two quick examples connecting to the DB2 sample database: You must save the file using the editor’s save commands as you normally would to have the contents of the buffer changed. To pull a command into the ihm from a file use the GET command. CLPPlus, even in the non-windowed mode, relies upon a number of shared libraries which aren’t installed by default particularly on the base Linux installs available from Amazon AWS.

This is especially good for those in a shop that has both DB2 and Oracle because c,pplus provides a common query and basic reporting interface for both databases! January 3, Things are a little bit more difficult in these cases for two reasons —.

ibm db2 clpplus

CLPPlus is included in the Db2 driver package. In recent versions of Data Studio v4. In this case the RUN command just runs the query already in the buffer.