In , the band headlined Baalbeck International Festival. The band has released four studio albums: Ibn El Leil The band experimented with drum machines, loops, samples, and several synthesisers in a new method of composition, trying to accommodate for the departure of keyboard player Omaya Malaeb. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The band has said that this album is their most pop album to date, and deals with topics that range from the euphoric to the destructive and depressive, all taking place in the politically, socially, and sexually charged spaces of Beirut’s night.

ibn el leila mashrou leila

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Mashrou’ Leila’s The Beirut School: A 10 Year Musical Journey

During a show at The Middle East club in Boston, Sinno introduced “Abdo” off the Raasuk release by explaining that, “This one is about something typical in Beirut which is people selling stuff on trolleys in the street. The guitar-driven ballad is easily one of the bands most memorable songs, as it exits with a haunting outro, enforcing the lonesome air of the song.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On July 31following the concert cancellation, Mashrou’ Leila shared a statement on its social media accounts condemning the unfounded libel campaign, saying that the songs at the center of the controversy were subjected to “misinterpretation and twisting of lyrics”.

Mashrou’ Leila

Not particularly into professing my convictions in forms of biographical nature, I’m into other things though. Mashrou’ Leila’s members enjoy the wordplay and ambiguity surrounding their band’s name.

ibn el leila mashrou leila

Archived from the original on All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with dead external links from January Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 maint: Walking and wandering away, one thing made me stop my tracks. Contrary to their common method of writing and producing songs, the band decided not to test their new material in live concerts, opting instead for secrecy and mystery about their fourth album.


InMashrou’ Leila released the El Hal Romancy EP, a recording the band describes as “tackling lyrically more intimate, personal, and theatrical subject matter that is less about the city and its politics proper, and more about the social residue of the city.

Mashrou’ Leila – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat In Septemberwhile the band was playing in Egypt, members of their audience were arrested for unfurling rainbow flags in support of LGBT rights. At 9pm, pubs and restaurants across the city played Mashrou Leila songs in solidarity with the band.

The single was included on the deluxe version of Ibn El Leil released July 21, The statement added that the band members who were questioned agreed to remove content that was deemed disrespectful to religious sensitivities and to issue an apology. Inthe band headlined Baalbeck International Festival.

The song’s music video shows the band members deconstructing nuptial symbols and defying the pressure of romantic relationships.

Supporters described the cancellation as a shameful and dangerous precedent. Accompanied by a visually stunning video directed by Beirut-based Jessy Mousallem, the music video features an all woman cast, who form an interpretive dance that alludes a strong sense of sisterhood and solidarity in spite of oppressive times, where the video intends to disrupt the global narrative of hyper-secularized white feminism, the band writes on their page.

Italic or ell markup not allowed in: Since July 17protesters against the gig circulated conspiracy theories claiming the band is a “Masonic-Zionist” project to morally corrupt Lebanon, citing the band’s support of gay and transgender rights. The song references parallels in Christian and Greek Dionysian mythology but the crux of the songs is about “getting [ On July 29the Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Byblos communicated on its Facebook page, a statement by the Episcopal Commission for Social Communication claiming that two of the band members had acknowledged, during a meeting with church officials, that some of the band’s songs violated religious values.

Around nine months later, on November 28th, the Lebanese band released their fourth studio album, Ibn El Leilin a launch party ihn the London-based Barbican cultural center. It was described as “an arresting, heady mixture of retro-Beirut music — the signature sound being Haig Papazian’s razor-sharp violin”.


Mashrou’ Leila’s The Beirut School: A 10 Year Musical Journey

The concert was one of the most anticipated events of the summer and was attended by scores of fans as well as the Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri. The album overviews the musical journey of a band constantly experimenting with different genres. With a visually jarring album artwork, featuring a wolf-masked greek statue, saturated in neon blue, dexterously conceptualized by the Beirut branch of the internationally acclaimed Leo Burnett agency and produced and co-directed by Italian based D-ark Room, visually setting the tone for Ibn El Leil and implying a sense of deconstructed mythology that would follow through out the album.

Views Read Edit View history. As the acts played out their music, I listened intently, but lost interest at one point.

ibn el leila mashrou leila

On August 4Dutch metal band Within Temptation who was set to perform at Byblos on August 7 pulled out of the festival in solidarity with Mashrou Leila and “in support of tolerance, freedom of speech and expression”. The song carries the same folk instrumentation of ‘Raksit Leila’, drawing sonic inspirations from several genres and spheres.

Releasing their second single – ‘Fasateen’ – Mashrou’ Leila were downright giving a critique on civil marriage in Lebanon and both its integrity and disintegrity towards the true values of marriage.

The album is heavily loaded with allusions and references, both to contemporary figures of pop, and to mythological figures of gods and demons.