This is the bleeding edge code. Top 10 Free Backup software for Linux Modified date: I had tried the steps on GNS 1. By the way what is a Cisco IOU device? License will be on your way asap.

iourc gns3

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GNS3 V1.5.2 与IOU L2 L3的集成

Yes, we are done with all the configurations. If this is your first time run this application, it will show you some dialog boxes wizard to configure the settings.

iourc gns3

Once you finished, it will appear in the list device on the left menu of your GNS3 application. In the format seen in the example below.

Generate Cisco IOURC license key on GNS3 VM using Python 3 – SYSTEMCONF

Enter the following link in the address bar http: Then click Apply and OK. I suggest you go with D or F option.


Worked like a charm. Full install options re-installs everything — no questions asked Note: My hostid has been changed to something else. Please find attached snapshot. In the above image I have marked the file which I downloaded, However you gn3s use any of the available versions.

I have the exact issue like zombietek. Open Virtual Box 4. Hope this is informative for you and thank you for reading my blog! With this step, we have completed IOU end configuration.

We have to change this value with our new IOU server address. Sun Jun 01, 4: Make sure that port is also set to I m getting below types of error.

Generate Cisco IOURC license key on GNS3 VM using Python 3

Follow the below instructions to gn3 the new server. I downloaded it from the below URL. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Choose your IOU image and click Upload button. Refer the snapshot below to understand what I am trying to say. It will prompt below window.


iourc gns3

Page 7 of 9. Hi iourx, I could not use the iourc. Any pointers on how to connect iou devices to the host PC.

After the key was patched successful I entered the following: Click on Local server tab. However, I prefer to skip it for this tutorial session. Thanks, Ken zombietek wrote: Anything you want to discuss which related to this post, please leave a comment below.

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