A tree view of the setting pages like in WEBconfig provides quick access to all settings in the configuration window. It is also ideal for professional site connectivity: Administrative privileges can be assigned for each administrator. Activation of license renewal at any time before expiry of the current license the new licensing period starts immediately after expiry of the current license Statistics Display of the number of checked and blocked web pages by category in LANmonitor. New and easier to use override function requires just one click.

lancom 1781ew firmware

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You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you reset your router.

lancom 1781ew firmware

Digital certificates have numerous advantages over the pre-shared key method: OAP Wireless ,Ai 8. Furthermore, an XML interface is 1781w for communication with an external hotspot gateway. Based on firewall rules, certain data types are marked for specific routing, e.

Lancom Systems VAW

Subject to change without notice. Furthermore, the usability of LANconfig has been enhanced by including the Quickfinder in selection menus and the structure is easier accessible due to the new overview tables. It is no longer necessary to create configuration files on a per-client basis. Hit list of the most frequently called pages and rating results. Snapshot function for regular read-out of values at the end of a billing period. By doing this the access point is independent of the present infrastructure of the network.


It enables the configuration of the device, kancom maintenance, and network monitoring. Public Spot Funktionality of the Public Spot was improved by adding a setup wizard and the option to let users request the login credentials via e-mail lzncom mobile with the Smart Ticket system. Additionally, an object-oriented stateful-inspection firewall protects the network with intrusion prevention and denial of service protection.

Transmit power setting static between 0 to dB. The Controller checks every day, depending on the defined policy, for the latest Firmware and compares it with the versions in the devices.

Lancom 1781aw manual

Multiple VRRP-capable devices can be combined to form a standby group, generally with one device acting as master and maintaining the connections. Configuration program properties per project or user.

This allows to suppress probe responses in the non-preferred band to clients that are already known to be able to operate in the preferred band. All hits will be highlighted and the menu will be reduced to pages which contain hits. LAN ports can be operated as a switch or separately.

The device password formerly in use is now exclusively for the supervisor. Automatic monitoring of all devices in a cluster simply by selecting one controller in the cluster Public Spot Support of public certificates and certificate chains from positions of trust for Public Spots. Automatic selection of a WLAN profile max. Authentication and authorization are separated completely. Content for each category can be allowed, blocked, or released by override Override Each category can be given an optional manual override that allows the user to access blocked content on a case-by-case basis.


The rugged case design protects all components from damage. SSH client functions are restricted to administrators with appropriate rights. The ports support energy saving according to IEEE These limitations now no longer apply. It is designed as a supplement to the user manual and goes into detail on topics that apply to a variety of models.

The new multi-column view allows for immediate overview of core device information name, description, address, device status, progress, device type, hardware release, serial number, MAC address, firmware version, FirmSafe, 1. Leave a message, we love to call you back.

lancom 1781ew firmware

Scripting The new scripting interface allows command-line parameters to be transferred via script files.

Other functions in LCMS include the GUI for firewall setup, automatic backup of configurations and scripts, and 17881ew intuitive folder structure with a convenient search function. The override operates for a limited time period by allowing the category or domain, or a combination of both.

Generates its own key with sshkeygen.