The affiliation mine, target, focus, you, party member, etc of the unit that was the source of the event. Parameters involving strings like skill names and unit names can now choose between an exact match or a search pattern in most cases. Made newly created triggers inherit all font settings instead of specifying a font size by default. Examines if the specified skill is unknown or on cooldown. Now those items are only checked during the initial animation object setup phase.

msbt 5.4.78

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msbt 5.4.78

New money gains notification event. The type of damage arcane, fire, holy, etc associated with the event. Remember that the media files must already exist before 54.78 is started or they can’t be used.

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It does not cover other facets such as necessary reagents, appropriate range, etc. Fixed an issue preventing pet cooldowns from being detected. Fixed issue with triggers that set a unit id to all party members. nsbt

All the tabs and popup frames are now dynamically created only when needed. Added the option to disable “sticky crits. Dark Pact and 54.78 power leech events will now correctly display the amount of mana leeched. Added a button to test the selected sound in the event settings dialog. Mana gains during Innervate are now shown if the “Hyper Regen” option is set. It is these event types that drive triggers.


Tweaked the animation event initializion logic to prevent some instances where events could briefly flicker at high framerates. Created a default suppression for Ferocious Inspiration to remove the spam it causes. Updated for Patch 1. Modified TOC to provide assistance to Minion automatic updater. Change Log Other Files 22 Comments 2, Create custom animation styles. Each scroll area may now have its own independent animation speed. Updated Korean translations from chkid.

Converted class names to use Blizzard provided localizations. This problem is solved with substitution codes. Farook, Archiv, and Mojosdojo for the German localizations. Efflorescense is now detected and displayed as a pet heal.

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text

Added an option to customize the color of the skill name in cooldown events. Modified power change detection logic to jsbt new event. Updated the cooldown tracking system to support abilities with the same name that have different cooldown lengths such as Feral Charge. Removed shadow orbs from standard power gains e.


msbt 5.4.78

Recharacterized healing from some damage based spells most notably Vampiric Embrace into HoTs so they will now follow the throttling mechanics. Modified hunter auto shots to be treated like standard melee damage.

Mik scrolling battle text 5.4.78

Created a new set of spam controls: Fixed unit reaction condition that was preventing many triggers like Kill Shot and Hammer of Wrath from working.

Load up memory usage is now around KiB. Added built-in customizable cooldown notifications. Most online databases can be used to ascertain what the skill ID is for the ranks of each skill. Updated TOC for Patch 4. Each scroll area may now have its own independent animation speed.