Deathwomb Catechesis is a pure brutality manifest, bordering black and death Metal, strongly inspired by early s Finnish scene. The album is a wrecking ball, with every element and second of the music dedicated to pulverizing the listener in a dozen different ways. Deathwomb Catechesis is the bands first full-length album after a few years of slugging it out with demos and split releases. I highly recommend listeners read along with the lyrics at least once while spinning this album. It’s bold, heavy and nasty. Necromancy Of The Iron Darkness Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.

pseudogod deathwomb catechesis

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The sense of chaos is maintained not psseudogod raw production or slightly off-base musicianship, but the sheer volume of riffs and vocals being thrown at the listener. The first album in 10 years from these French black metal trail-blazers. Which at first felt largely unsatisfying, since desired revolution ended up being replaced with regression and a stale air of “been there, heard this.

Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis Review – Last Rites

Fast and aggressive, this piece sets the tone for the entire album. It certainly deserves a recommendation, despite its not any new ground.

While the bands previous material hinted towards a very Teitanblood-like direction for Pseudogod, Deathwomb Catechesis bucks the trend so to catecheesis.

Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Most of the guitar figures are angular, sharp, and quick in their repetition, resembling most traditional death metal only in their fevered delivery.

Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The group does not bother with the details and the onslaught continues unabated – and with virtually the same structure – on Malignant Spears. Deathwomb Catechesis represents pure, unadulterated hostility carried out in simple, barbaric pseudgood patterns that flex between bursts of accelerated violence and slower, driving walls of chords.


pseudogod deathwomb catechesis

Felipe Antonio Cupul Baas. FaultyClockworkJune 19th, Every superficial aspect of Deathwomb Catechesis falls in line with the tenets of anti-poser bullet-belt metal perfectly.

Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis Review

HeySharpshooterMay 6th, Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Outfits like Dead CongregationIgnivomousand Mitochondrion represent this kind of ideal crossroads between eras and aesthetics, and Pseudoyod act Pseudogod has now confidently established themselves within this elite group as well. As the death metal sea has parted, with old school on one side and new on the other, a small but caatechesis sect of bands has arisen and strived to take older death metal principles and push them into a modern framework.

This is a successful tribute that hits hard a nail that needs to be violently crushed.

pseudogod deathwomb catechesis

Yet Pseudogod accomplish it beautifully on Deathwomb Catechesis by never forgetting their final goal: I can’t vouch for a lot of the individual riffs here, they all function on familiar structures that we’ve heard in countless works of black, death, or even grind, but each piece of the puzzle is combined into such a Hellish whole that Deathwomb Catechesis develops a personality despite its lack of particular nuance or complexity in the guitars.

Can’t wait to hear it! Similarities with Beherit are here totally assumed.

Or browse results titled:. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Live at “Beyond The Gates” fest. Little surprise then with a song with a Spanish title. Engel AOD at Temple of Disharmonies studio; Front Illustration by Antichrist Kramer license all rights reserved tags Tags black metal catechesis death death metal hell metal satan blood devilworship sacrifice underground Russia about Pseudogod Russia.


They know the trick that separates the Archgoats from the Black Witcheries in the genre: Active sincethis quartet from Perm, a town at the foot of the Ural Mountains, is launching a debut album worthy of the name, after several split-CD and other demos. I’ve been hearing about Pseudogod for a few years now, so I’ve no doubt that Deathwomb Catechesis, besides possessing what might be the most memorable album title of the year, is a highly anticipated full-length studio debut for the Russians extremists, with a clear cross cultural appeal to the fans of both old school death and primal black metal aesthetics.

Deathwomb Catechesis by Pseudogod. Pseudogod’s music doesn’t have the ultimate complexity of Goatpenis or the deceptively simple layers of Revenge or Conqueror that add up to a greater whole. V is definitely my favorite track because listen to those drum patterns holy cow! But repeated listens will reveal the level of thought that went into the songwriting, and the subtle intricacies and hooks will thus begin to reveal themselves. Pseudogod may not show much subtlety on Deathwombbut they know how to use these components towards a greater whole.