The Output section Saturation button switches a soft-clipping limiter in and out. If you do not agree to the use of cookies by our service, you can disable this in the settings your Internet browser. He recently mastered Haujobb’s newest album release, Polarity. PSP MixBass2 features a unique low-frequency compression algorithm and low frequency harmonics generator. Meters The three needles indicate peak level red average black and the shorter blue needle shows compressor gain reduction. Below the Gain control, a Mix slider may be used to blend the wet and dry signals. There is a low-pass filter for the control signal and a low cut filter within the signal path.

psp audioware mixpack

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Central to the beast is the Compress knob, which takes the place of conventional threshold and ratio dials. Considering the sound quality and aaudioware fact that there are four spp plug-ins included in the price, MixPack is a bargain not to be missed.

Meters The three needles indicate peak level red average black and the shorter blue needle shows compressor gain reduction. The signal chain begins with a hiss remover, which, unlike a lot of lowpass filtering noise removal tools, is remarkably transparent even at fairly strong settings. PSP and “It’s the sound that counts! Though their products are distributed as shareware, there’s nothing amateurish or awkward about the m?

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In addition to being an automatic gate – muxpack by setting the threshold, filters and envelopes to do the hard work for you – MixGate2 boasts manual Open and Close buttons that can be used to tap out or automate your own gate patterns.


Please note that this new version will not run correctly in projects where old plug-ins where used.

psp audioware mixpack

Finally, there’s a soft clipping tool that can either enhance the perceived volume of the signal or add a bit of overdrive. MixPressor MixPressor emulates the characteristics of optical and valve based compressors and includes facilities for both de-essing and limiting. Controls The left hand Drive control… I mean the Drive control on the left varies the amount of signal fed into the process.

PSP’s VintageWarmer not included is universally hailed as one of the few truly ‘warm’ plug-ins available, and MixPack2 offers that same desterilising quality but gives you many more ways in which to apply it. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Alternatively, with Freq settings of around Hz and Q values of between 0 and 0. He recently mastered Haujobb’s newest album release, Polarity. PSP and “It’s the sound that counts! The Freq and Q rotary knobs may then be used to home in on the frequency to be de-essed.

But the MixPack has a few surprises up its sleeve that are definitely worth a closer look.

PSP is putting out some surprisingly good audio software. The Tone section Colour and Bass controls affect saturation of the processed bass frequencies, adding both odd and even harmonics. The red lights below the needles indicate signals exceeding 0dBFS and also if the limiter is being overdriven. I applied this tool to everything from drum loops to bass synth to old ’70s disco aurioware which are often a bit thin compared to today’s club mixes.

How PSP MixBass2 will affect any given audio material depends on the type of material being processed.

PSP Audioware MixPack2 review

While the effect of the enhancement is subtle, it definitely adds a touch of space to completed mixes without screwing with the phase too much. PSP MixPressor2 emulates the classic characteristics of compressors with valve and opto-electronic circuits as as classic modern compression solutions.


Not only can over enhanced bass eat into valuable headroom, but there is also the danger of creating mixes with excessive bass that will not translate well on other systems. The four plug-ins in the pack are: Overall, the MixTreble was a joy to work with, adding gloss and shine in all the right ways.

A little goes a long way with this feature, but careful tweaking resulted in some really shimmery effects on full mixes and individual instruments. Few if any analog emulation plug-ins offer this level of flexibility and accuracy, and I suspect it will be a while before the rest of the pack catches up with this processor. Ausioware, it’s designed to help create the impression of punchy, ‘analogue’ bass.

psp audioware mixpack

Image 1 of 5 MixTreble2 can sort out any top-end problems. Above the right hand side Mix and Output controls, the Slope slider changes between soft and hard knee operation and various levels in between. These plug-ins sound very musical. You’d probably expect to find saturation as part of any advanced dynamic processor’s feature set, and while several of MixPack2’s plug-ins do sport Saturation switches, PSP offers a more comprehensive solution in the form of MixSaturator2.