Has anyone tried this with touchscreen RK27xx players? Moreover, unlike the 26xx series you can’t just modify files on the hidden partitions itself. Logged van Member Posts: Writes update to temporary partition within device to be flashed. Apply all changes and warnings during installation until finishing message. OTG usb ports and recovery buttons on Ugoos devices: Touch version will need some work.

rk2738 firmware

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Do you have the original diel-symphony player? What is really important is the lcd controller chip used.

rk2738 firmware

Jul 30, 7. You’ll know why if you’ve compared these filesystems on USB flash drives previously and have not ejected properly.

You need to do make the bootloader and make the zip to unpack on the uSD card, there is no support for flash memory only uSD.

rk2738 firmware

Main difference between Android tool and Batch tool is Batch tool can reflash several devices at the same time 6 max. Has anyone tried this with touchscreen RK27xx players?

Apad Rockchip SDK

She doesn’t know anything about updating image file and so am I. You mix rk27xx and rknano which are probably related but are two different things.


This is rk7238 of the ways to install drivers for windows 7: November 19, All app stop to work after 10 second and show mass I have a backup and the resolution is x so those are already covered.

May 23, OTG usb ports and recovery buttons on Ugoos devices: You need to unpack the image, modify the files, repack it and write the firmware to make the changes ‘stick’. Here’s exactly the one that I have: The reference build is x screen, but without a touch screen driver, I noticed that there are 3 regular buttons on your player which may work.

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Downloads release dev builds extras themes Documentation manual wiki device status Support forums mailing lists IRC Development bugs patches dev guide Search. It’s not the best eBook device in the world but I got it for a price that was hard to refuse.

I’m curious why it does not work and how this device boots – some bootloader uboot? I’m trying to update as well as root it so I can adb the files.

Treelogic Arcus 501 (RK2738) Firmware v.1.1.6

Compare Images Script, Random Stuff, and More – wanted to do a proof of concept for an image comparison script. Logged van Member Posts: It is also used in many eBook readers as well which means that as long as the reader is based on the same chip you can chop and change as you like.


The first thing you need is to download the archive with firmware.

There are 3 sources of information available: Inside archive, you find: Firware, Feb 17, Post by admin 5 comment s. Without datasheet and better understanding of firmware file format rknano port is not going to happen. I hope that i have hit the jackbox this time,with a update.

You probably have this already, but heres an RK Nano schematic: I will try to get hold of English version. Logged Sitheek Member Posts: Logged rna Member Posts: