The archive contains a “readme” file with these instructions as well. Substitute mintaka with your own user name. I found a piece of wvdial. Internet dialer version 1. Consider upgrading to UMTSkeeper version 2. If you also have problems see bottom of the article where I use wvdial. Use this for only logging statistics on a connection.

sakis3g gz

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sakis3g gz

I just would like to confirm that it was made a blog name change for Professional issues and here is the correct link: While the GPL contains the terms and conditions under which this software and derivative works thereof can be freely distributed, and thus is aimed primarily at software developers, the HESSLA, while granting the same rights and obligations to modify and distribute the software, contains additional terms that govern the use of this software.

Attempting to exit gracefully This can be first step to turn your RPi into wireless 3G router or you can just do it to make sure, that wherever you go, XBMC would be able to download subtitles for the movie: Such an output should only make you worry if they happen with subsequent starts. It allows us to have no difficulty in reading and reduce errors. Main stats file is incomplete. That may be a bit silly question but can you disable PIN protection?


Typing pwd will show you the exact location you are working in which you will need later when you automate things thanks BigCowPi for simplyfying this procedure. Sometimes, UMTSkeeper is interrupted just when it is in the middle of writing the stats file, which would be fatal. If yes, what color and what frequency?

nload – Linux – sakis3g

And this should be common sense: This can happen if UMTSkeeper is killed. Hello, Do you think this set up will we be ok to do remote desktop and download small files from far away.

sakis3g gz

Anyway the easy way is to change the pointer cursor with one in the cursor font. Consider upgrading to UMTSkeeper version 2.

UMTSkeeper: keep your UMTS/GPRS/GSM connection alive automatically

Lines 14 to 16 are normal for the first run when the main statistics file umtskeeper. You will likely use a headless machine, therefore the NM will not be useful anyway, so consider to uninstall it. This might apply to other distributions as well, Tz didn’t test.

Recommended only for W LAN devices default: The lines 3 to 5 tell you that new statistics files have been created. Sakis3G is called under the command nice which means that the program will run with lower priority. In case for some reason sakis3G is not able to detect your internet APN setting you can enter in conf file all other necessary information. By using this software, you express that you read and understood this license agreement, and that you are a Qualified Licensee of the software as laid out in section 0.


This is the list of cursor font names: I am using huawei mobile broadband EC Main stats file backup not found. In line 7, it says no modem pluggedwhich is OK if you have the usual type of modem that first registers as a storage device to the system. Sakis33g such rare cases, a backup of that file is kept. Use this for manual connection test if something dakis3g work.

Each pointer cursor have a name and an identification number: State of this version 1. Do it as root: I found a piece of wvdial.

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sakis3g gz