It comes in these flavors: Combining the best of the E and G series SSL bus compressors, The Glue sports a super-fast attack time and a range knob to control the amount of compression applied. Tap tempo is supported, or Timeless can sync to the host. Better still, it’s actually easy to use and comes with an excellent collection of presets. Stereo support is on tap, and you can tweak the attack and release settings. This clever little fellow is bundled with the Studio and Producer Editions of Sonar. Read Wave Arts Power Suite 5 review.

stormgate vst

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Strange stuff, but good fun! You can also easily generating new patterns by drawing them or within srormgate by means of the randomization and shuffling functions.

stormgate vst

In any event, this little fella sounds every bit as good as it looks. Its Pro-C compressor earned rave reviews when it was released, and with Clean, Classic, and Opto modes on hand, this dynamic dynamo can handle anything you throw at it.

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A stepped mid-side stereo width control is included as well. Here we have another classic vintage compressor, meticulously modelled and given a few extra features. There’s even an optional pedal board controller. Instead of relying on a sidechained signal to trigger the process, it allows users to create dynamic patterns by drawing shapes into a large display area.

Read Cakewalk Sonar Stormgae review. StormGate3 can take any audio source, and after calibrating the cross-over frequencies, you will be able to record a new envelope pattern!


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The shelves have gain and cutoff frequency knobs, while the remaining eight are peaking filters with gain, centre frequency and Q controls. A random mode generates presets if you’re not inclined to set them up yourself, and both mono and stereo versions are included.

StormGate1 is a rhythmic stormgzte that lets you shape audio with amplitude patterns.

stormgate vst

The emulations are top-notch, and we can’t imagine that you’d be running out of distortion options any time soon. It comes in these flavors: Pretty convincing, and storgate fun to use. A once and future winner, this one. Now in its second incarnation, Timeless is maxed out with all manner of modulation. I don’t belive my eyes! StormGate3 Contains 4 Configurations: There is more, much more to discover Don’t want to draw the envelopes? Read Wave Arts Power Suite 5 review. Each gating band has a menu with some simple but useful functions, from the basic copy and paste to the more advanced pattern shifting, envelope smoothing, envelope randomization and more!

There’s even stomrgate for swing to give your rhythms even more vibe.

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It was also longer, allowing for much more accurate drawing, and it even had a free-hand, for drawing the gate yourself. A combination of traditional filtering with the addition of formant filtering which is used to create vocal-like vowel soundsthis little red storngate is a real knockout.


This brief flash of inspiration shaped the sound of the following decade. The name has become synonymous with pitch correction and outre pitchshifting: You can transform within seconds a static sformgate into an almost complete rhythmic part, create new rhythms from vocals, instruments, noises of any stoemgate, or even create amazing drums parts out of pure noise!

Auto-Tune, when used tastefully, is a miraculous time-saver for the desktop producer, and when used in a more over-the-top fashion, it can be a hit-maker.

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The most powerful and flexible gater I’ve ever seen, and you can sequence patterns to give you up to notes. The flanger models both tape-based and stompbox-style flangers and throws in a gorgeous chorus effect for good measure. But if you like effects that can be teased, tweaked, modulated and manipulated, this baby’s for you.

Read Audio Damage Eos review. A stereo unit with a very retro sound, it has all the original’s modulation options plus the ability to invert the feedback and delay channels. It was kind of like Gross Beat, except it allowed much more than just straight and tension lines.